Teaching an auditor something that will help them

A 3,000-word Technical Report that is tailored to effectively inform/persuade the chosen auditor, including a genre, register, and tone appropriate to the rhetorical situation,Supportive evidence including corroboration from at least six credible sources,Five original graphics (one qualitative and one quantitative) that illuminate relevant data/information, andA professional framework, including an front matter, back matter (including relevant appendixes), and a professional design.the topic i was thinking to choose is music, and the auditor will be my cousin. my idea was to give advice and steps on how to makea good song/music. it can be any topic the goal is to give an auditor advice/ steps to anything for example on how an engine works, steps in calculas, how to build a car, how to build a house and so on it can be anything. also we need to explain why its usefal to the auditor.