Technical and Report Writing

Prepare two short documents, a memo and a letter, addressing the same topic. You will imagine a workplace scenario within your chosen field or major. (ENGLISH/COMMUNICATIONS/JOURNALISM. SETTING WOULD BE A MEDICAL FACILITY AS I HAVE 16 YRS PREVIOUS MEDICAL EXPERIENCE AND WOULD LIKELY FIND A JOB WRITING WITHIN MY SAME FIELD. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES/MEDICAL EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION/INSERVICES, ETC). This could be a medical office, a school, an engineering firm, the IT department in a corporation, a public health agency, or any other setting in your field. You have been been given a task, and must report on it in-house, or within the workplace, via a memo, and to outside stakeholders via a letter. This task could be addressing a problem or complaint, doing some needed research, forming a taskforce or committee. Use your creativity and your knowledge or research into the field to identify this task, which will be your topic. Your audience and purpose will be different for the memo and the letter. Therefore you need to understand the uses of these genres, the expectations and conventions of each, and the required format and content.
The memo:A memo is used for communications within a business or organization, so the writer and the audience either knows each other or knows of the other and has common knowledge and interest in the workplace. The tone may be more or less formal depending on who the writer and audience are. The purpose will be to notify those who need the information of your task, the problem or need or research, and the outcome you have reached. Your memo may require a summary of the problem or need, a presentation of research or information, and a recommendation for solutions. These would be set apart in sections with headings for ease of access for the reader. The need for explanation and detail will be different from that need in a letter to someone outside the organization. Assess that need. You are expected to use appropriate memo format, tone, and content, demonstrate understanding of this rhetorical situation, and effectively write a professional communication.
The letter:A letter is the genre used by businesses, professionals, organizations or other entities to communicate with those outside their own workplace. Determine who your task will affect outside of those within your company or organization. Who would you logically need to communicate this information or solution with? Would it be a stakeholder or customer or client? What explanation and details would they need, and how would their understanding and response differ from those you addressed in your memo? Consider your audience and your purpose for this letter—is it to inform, to persuade or motivate, to appease, to sell? Determine how you will adapt the content accordingly for your letter,You are expected to use appropriate business letter format, tone, and content, demonstrate understanding of this rhetorical situation, and effectively write a professional communication.
Revision, Documentation and SubmissionOnce you’ve drafted your memo and letter, revise carefully for content, and then for clarity, mechanics and style, as well as the appropriate format for each genre. Even though you might submit a references page with these communications, for this class you should cite sources and include a References or Works Cited page for any research you used as support for your content. Use your discipline’s documentation style (e.g. MLA; APA; Chicago) to attribute information and expression of ideas to your sources. Include as the last page of your submitted paper a “Works Cited,” “References,” or “Bibliography” page, according to the conventions of the style.