technology and wellbeing during the pandemic

Part AEvaluating Your SourceQ: Discusses evaluation of credibility based onQ: Discusses evaluation of validity based on p. 3 (How do I evaluate sources?)Q: Reasoning for determination to use the source or notin Part B is sound & clearly explainedProvidesPart A response in at least one paragraph
Part B
Introduction Paragraph
Correctly describes the topic (the psychological theory or phenomenon)
Describes why the topic is important
Introduces relevant theories and issues important in understanding the topic
Describes what will be discussed in the paper, so the reader knows what to expectTechnology and Wellbeing during the Pandemic
Q:How has the relationship between people and technology evolved during the Pandemic?Q: Examinescosts & benefits of smartphone/technology use & level of “control” when considering how the relationship has evolved during the Pandemic.
Q: Would research results presented in Weir (2017) be different today? Explain using two research results discussed in the article.
Feedback:Bases answers on critical thinking and sound reasoning Describe relevant theories and research findings Include accurate information from the article(s) and textbook Discusses implications of the psychological phenomenon & findingsSummary & Conclusion ParagraphSummarizes main points & makes connectionsDraws conclusions based on critical thinkingDiscusses how information researched helps the writer better understand people or the world