Term Paper (Comparison & Contrast Essay) on Richard Wright’s “Savage Holiday” & Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”

Your paper will be a focused analysis of Richard Wright’s Savage Holiday and Jordan Peele’s Get Out in relation to our broader course theme of both race and masculinity, and perhaps other theoretical concepts that we have read about and discussed, or that turn up in your secondary research. The essay should reflect your close attention to and understanding of some of the insights and interpretive concepts that have arisen throughout our semester, and of course, it must be an entirely new essay (not something that contains material you wrote for a previous course).
Be sure to provide a centrally focused, insightful analysis, and not a random explanation of similarities and differences between the two works. Avoid, for example, “grocery list” topic sentences in your body paragraphs that begin with something like, “Another similarity between these two works is . . .” Also avoid a vague, thoughtless thesis statement like this one: “These two works have several similarities, but they also have some differences.”
Do of course provide full titles of the two texts and the names of both authors or artists early in the paper. You will also need to briefly introduce the two works early in the essay, and you should do so in a way that makes it clear why the two works somehow go together in your essay. Finally, be sure that your essay does not drift into mere plot summary—strive to make most of it insightful interpretation and analysis. Once you have a good draft going, see below for more tips on writing this kind of essay successfully.
An additional requirement: You MUST cite at least two other (“secondary”) sources. These should be such insightful critical sources as scholarly essays from Booth Library’s online databases (or perhaps elsewhere online) or from scholarly books. It’s okay to use any secondary sources we have studied together this semester, but at least one must be something you find on your own. Cited secondary sources can be used in support of or in opposition to your analysis, and they should of course be listed in a Works Cited page, where you should also list your two primary texts. Also be sure to quote sources within your paper accurately in MLA style.