Tesla smartphone- Marketing Strategy (3 pages of the 20-page project.)

Topic: Segment and Target Markets (ONLY PART 3.0)Pages and Word Count: 4 pages (1,100 words)Reference: 1-2 total. (References not older than 10 years, PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES.)Attaching Draft to be used for revision!!!Text Book: Kotler, P. & Keller, K. L. (2016). Marketing management (15thed.). Pearson Prentice Hall.(https://nscpolteksby.ac.id/ebook/files/Ebook/Business%20Administration/Kotler%20and%20Keller%20Marketing%20Management%2014th%20Edition%20(2012)/Chapter%202%20-%20Developing%20Marketing%20Strategies%20and%20Plans.pdfAPA 7.
==================== This will be the part forthis project, PART 3.0 =========================================== Approved Final draft from PART 1 & 2 will be attached =================
3.0 MARKETING STRATEGY (75 words)See page 31 of the Marketing PlanSample.Write a similar Marketing Strategy Summary.
3.1Mission (250 words)(review “mission” in Chapter 2 of the Kotler & Keller Marketing Management text)●Establish the fundamental goals for the quality of yourbusiness/product offering and customer satisfaction. (>50 words)●Define your business/product offering. (>50 words)●What are your fundamental goals? (>100 words)(Fundamental goals are those that you would like to achieve with your newproduct, either as an individual product or as part of the overall companymission. These are directional goals that provide the overall strategicdirection for management planning.)●State the value proposition. (>50 words)Be sure to look up this term in your Kotler text if you do notfully understand it.
3.2Marketing Objectives (500 words)Include a sentence or two about each of the following:●What are your specific marketing objectives? (>50 words)●Market share: what is your growth objective by quarter? (>50words)●Market penetration: how do you plan to gain a share in thismarket? (>50 words)●Awareness: how do you plan to gain awareness for your product? (>50words)●Customer acquisition: how do you plan to grow your customer base?(>50 words)●Presented SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, andtime bound) marketing goals (>150 words)●Identify a specific, measurable market share and size. (>50words)Remember that your objectives need to bequantifiable. In other words, objectives need to have a base point, end point,and time frame so you can research to see if you have reached your benchmarksor if your plan needs adjustment.
3.3 Target Markets (250 words)(refer to Chapter 9 of your Kotler textto make sure you fully understand what is meant by target market segments)●Identify the specific target market segments you have defined.What are the market niches you hope to capture? Describe. (150 words)●Include the rationale behind why these are the optimal targetmarketing segments. Be specific. (125 words)
· Direction:oBrand ExtensionMarketing PlanoIntroduction: Theassessment in this module is to complete a component of a Brand ExtensionMarketing Plan for one new product on the behalf of an existing for-profitorganization. Using the Marketing Plan Guide attached.oYou need to firstassume you have the role of a MARKETINGMANAGER for one new (currently not available) product on the behalf of areal, for-profit organization. Consider this a “brand extension.” You areadding a product to an existing company’s product line. This product may beintroduced on a local, regional, national, or international scale.oProject Detail: SMART PHONE from Tesla.o It is important that you write your BrandExtension Marketing Plan in third person (there is no “I” in a marketing plan),using your own words, and/or paraphrasing instead of direct quoting.
o Please refer to page 29-33 of the TextbookMarketing Plan Sample.§ Same format is important.§ It utilizes a lot of bullet point.
oIt is very importantthat you fully comprehend what a brand extension is before you begin yourassessment. Find “brand extension” in your Kotler text and make certain youunderstand the definition. Brand extensions fall into two categories:§Line extension and§Category extension.Be sure to understand the difference. Reading this section inyour text will be extremely helpful to you!