The 57 Bus project

The 57 Bus ProjectProject OverviewIn this assignment, you will develop an alternative ending to The 57 Bus. Throughout the book,Slater (2017) draws upon existing research to present a critique of the criminal justice system’sapproach to managing the case. In this project, you will work to further analyze the system’sresponse and propose an alternative to how this case was handled by the criminal justice systemconsidering key concepts from class. This alternative will be presented in a creative format ofyour choice.Project GuidelinesChoosing an Alternative Ending: Determine a different criminal justice response to the crimethat is the focus of the book. Instead of the response that Richard and Sasha experienced (startingat the time of Richard’s arrest on p. 127), what alternative response could have been used?Be sure that your final product includes a clear and detailed description of what would haveoccurred instead and why. The “why” must be based on existing research and the projectmust include an indication of this research in some form. That is, the alternative policy,practice, or program you choose must be supported by research articles that you find, read,and cite.Presenting the Alternative Ending: Present this alternative ending in any format you chooseBESIDES a formal academic research paper. (Meaning: You may not use a standard essay as theformat for this project. This is your opportunity to be creative.) For example, you could chooseto present this in writing in the form of a song, poem, or two additional chapters to the book (onefor Sasha and one for Richard). Or, you could present this visually in the form of a poster or slideshow. The format is up to you.Submitting the Alternative Ending: The submission should include:• The final project in whatever form it takes. (If you have created a visual project, this canbe submitted as a .jpg of the project.)• An annotated reference list in APA format with a total of at least two scholarly articlesfrom a peer-reviewed journal.o Include the full reference listing in APA format for the article.o Annotate each listing with at least two sentences explaining how that source was used (e.g., what point in your assignment is it evidence of?).