The consequences of mass producing electric cars

From: Brady Munroe, Auto Electrical Engineer
Subject: Improving the quality of our products (Batteries, replenishment of fuel storages, cost and efficiency)
IntroductionWithin my time at the gigafactory I have noticed the production of our power cells that we use for the cars are extremely inefficient. As a user and manufacturer of tesla products I find it very difficult to stand behind the products we create with costs being extremely high and the materials we use are difficult to procure. There is also a distinct lack of charging/refueling stations within regions that sell our vehicles, which made it problematic for longer trips because fuel is limited in most areas. Our battery production also isn’t environmentally friendly creating large amounts of pollution.
DescriptionEnvironmental waste reduction[1]Although electric cars run off of electricity which gives the appearance of being green it really isn’t. Fueling stations rely on power from burning fossil fuels and other non eco friendly ways of producing fuel. For electric cars to be fully or primarily green more options such as wind farms, solar panels, and other renewable sources should be created to support the fueling of electric vehiclesBattery productionThe materials used in production of our cars are metals that are very limited and require a large amount of money, time and resources to be expended for little return. Specifically the batteries used in tesla models are very expensive due to the use of lithium batteries. Different conductors should be explored such as cheaper metals to be used in the batteries despite the weight requirementsGeneral productionCustomers often complain about the quality of tesla cars mostly including cheap materials used on the exterior of the car such as paint which is removed very easily from stuff like rough winds and storms. Others have major problems with the quality of electronics on the interior such as the tablet that’s present in most models, it’s extremely weak and fragile as well as insanely expensive to replace. A solution would be to lower the cost of batteries by using different materials so that more money can go into the production of the rest of the car
This was the original plan but doesnt need to be followed. These three points should generalize what im looking for. Firstly I wanna talk about the limited supply of lithium and the cost of mining it. Secondly Most energy used to power electric cars comes from non renewable sources. Thirdly (I wanna focus on tesla in particular) The quality of the cars are shoddy and they’re mass producing these vehicles in non eco friendly ways