The Ebay Effect: Inside a Worldwide Obsession

A video has to be watched about eBay. The link is located below and will be attached. I have to have a 4-5 page paper with no less than 3references with the video being one of the references. The paper will be considered a narrative summary of the research.– All the paper should be double spaced– Times New Roman, 12-point font or Calibri, 11-point font– 1-inch margins– Body paragraphs should be left-aligned, each new paragraph should be indented with a tab
The eBay Effect: Inside a WorldwideObsession Use the DVD in the college library or view the video at thefollowing link:The length of the video is 48 minutes.
Which of the four Ps of marketing does eBay seem to focus on the most? Explain.Since marketing is about satisfying customer needs and wants how does eBay successfully do this?Describe the organizational culture of eBay. How does it play into its success?What do you think are the Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of eBay?What strategic marketing initiatives does eBay utilize?How has eBay created economic stimulus in other areas of the economy? Explain.After watching the video, use the Internet to research the company’s current marketing strategies regarding the four Ps.
i.Since this videowas produced have their marketing strategies changed?
ii.How have theirstrategies changed?
iii.Why do you feel they changed their marketing strategies?
iv.How has theircurrent marketing strategies helped or hurt the company?