The effects of social media on self esteem

I chose to focus on the effects that the use of social media leaves on people’s self esteem– Paper 2 is the Method’s section for your Independent Project Paper. It includes a discussion of your participants, materials, and the procedure for your study.– Include samples of the materials you will use, e.g., questionnaires, interview questions, observation protocols, etc.-Brief IntroductionIntroduces the purpose of the study. Includes research questions.Text includes high level overview of design, methods, and procedure.Text includes hypothesized results.-MethodSections are organized according to APA style.Participants section includes number of participants, recruitment method, and demographics.All instruments are described fully. Validity and reliability evidence is provided if available.Samples of materials are providedProcedure section is written so that the study can be replicated; the reader can understand everything that happened to the participant.If an experiment or quasi-experiment, experimental manipulation is clear. Conditions and variables clearly defined. If corelational, predictors and outcomes are clearly defined.Study design is explained-General PointsPaper is formatted according to APA style.Punctuation and grammar are clear and correct.Word choice is appropriate.Tables are formatted correctly and contain correct dataReference section is formatted correctly.