The Exploratory

Pre-Readings:Chapter 3 review (brainstorming and research preparations).Specific to the Exploratory Paper: 3.5.4 (How to Write an Exploratory Paper)Preparing for an Exploratory Paper Worksheet: Exercises & Activities 3.8.6: F (Write an Exploratory Paper)Sample Exploratory Paper: Exercises & Activities 3.8.6: E (Paired Student Activity: Analyzing a Student Exploratory Paper)Start researching your issue! The Cypress College library database (Links to an external site.) is a great place to start!Directions: Review “How to Write an Exploratory Paper” (pages 83-85) to help you complete this assignment. Then write a 750-1200 word exploratory paper on the differing perspectives of a controversial issue of your choosing (please select something you don’t know much about yet so you can “explore,” through credible research, the different perspectives of it). Use the worksheet on 3.8.6: F to help you plan your writing.Details:Check to make sure your paper is in proper MLA format. (including 12pt Times New Roman) and that you meet the word requirement.Give your paper an original and engaging title.Compose your paper in third person POV. (Do not use first person “I” until the final part, number four in Worksheet 2 in 3.8.6: F)Include an MLA Works Cited page. NOTE: This Works Cited page does not count toward the word requirement and should be on a separate page.Topics Currently Off Limits: abortion; legalization of cannabis