The facilitation of learning in clinical Practice Reflective essay

Using a reflective model of your choice… (Gibbs Model of reflection) reflect on and critically analyse the facilitation oflearning in practice.
Take care to make links to practice in your work and refer to the assignment brief and marking criteria.
Marking is based on these cover ….1. To critically analyse of the use of learning theories within the context of a practice learningenvironment to promote evidence-based practice.2. To consider theoretical evidence and reflect on its application in own practice whilst utilisinglearning, teaching and assessment strategies.3. To demonstrate the ability to effectively use a model of reflection and critically analyselearning styles, contributing to feedback for formative and summative assessment.4. To analyse the needs of others and assist in their learning and development, whilstidentifying and reflecting on own attributes and qualities in supporting learning andassessment in practice.5. To enhance communication and leadership skills to develop and promote both interprofessional, and team working, within their environment in order to create an optimumlearning experience.
Your work should be set out in a standard essay format:The introduction should:•Introduce the assignment topic you are reflecting on.•Briefly explain what you will be discussing in the main body• Include which reflective model you will be using and why.• State you will be using the academic and critiquing skills developed inthe module
The main body of your work should:• Provide the reader with an overview of the topic.• Present main points and arguments in a structured manner (Using a reflective modelwill help with this)• Use a new paragraph to discuss different points/subjects.• Demonstrate your skills in searching, citing and critically analysing relevant literature• Use your writing to demonstrate your academic writing skills• Include critical analysis of the literature• Use in-text citations correctly and make sure your reference list is accurate.• Proofread your work for spelling and grammar. You are marked on these as well ason the structure and content of your essay
The conclusion should:• Provide an overview of what has been discussed in the main body• Draw your ideas/findings together• Not include any new facts/information/discussion• Be short and concise