The Gilded Age-Compare and Contrast

The Thesis should answer: “What do we learn or recognize about political corruption when we look at the story and lampoons (cartoons) together?”Write one 3-4-page Analysis Essay comparing and contrasting the political cartoons (lampoons) with Twain’s satire “Cannibalism in Cars.” Your introduction would need to provide background information about the Gilded Age that contextualizes the political corruption of the era as well as the idea that artists were engaged in political protests, using their Art as criticism of the corruption seeping into the American Government via Robber Barons and members of Congress. As you move through the analysis, you will use your knowledge of history to explain why you are reading the satire and lampoons the way that you are. The paper will demonstrate your knowledge of the Gilded Age and its social and political implications (the consequences of those driving events and characteristics). Your topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph should make a claim about what the author and/or cartoonist is claiming through a certain device, image, word choice (etc…). You will prove your point by explaining how the device, image, word choice are representations of historical facts. Your conclusion will emphasize the historical significance of the art (and why we should care—what we learn from it). The paper should be double-spaced, that follows the rules of Standard English.