The latin american experience

APA style essay with an Abstract12 font double spaced4-pages minimum
What was the role of “el barrio” for Puerto Ricans living in New York City?Given the number of Puerto Ricans in New York over many generations, some use the term “Nuyorican” or “Boriqua” or “Boriken” or “Borinquento” to describe this particular identity and experience. How did these terms come about? What is their significance to the Purto Rican experience? Do they unite or divide?Puerto Ricans voted to become the 51st U.S. state — again, what would persuade mainland Americans to support their bid, and what does that mean for the 50 states and Puerto Rico?What is the state of Cubans today in the United States?Many Dominican people flee to the United States, the land of their oppressors’ support; what effect do you think this has on them?What were the educational prospects for Mexican American students, and has it changed?What personal anecdotes do students like Paula Crisostomo and Carlos Muñoz share to describe how the school system perceived them and their potential?According to Moctesuma Esparza, what term did students adopt to reference their identity and why?What is the current state of Mexican Americans?What is the state of the Chicana/Chicano identity?What is going on with Mexican American and Chicana/Chicano Studies?Why did the Raza Unida Party fail?Why do we not see more representation of the Mexican American or Chicana/Chicano other than stereotypes, crime, or hypersexualization?Mexican Americans played a pivotal role in ending school segregation; why is Brown vs. Board of Education always the reference point?Who were some of the key players in the effort to organize farmworkers?Why are Dolores Huerta’s narrative and prominence not as loud as Chavez’s?Have Cubans ever overcome the view of media portrayal?What effects has American policy had on Central America over the years, and how has it impacted those here?Who is responsible for the merger of Spanish and English music fans, Gloria Estefan, Selena Quintanilla, or someone else?What became the Mexican American, Chicana/Chicano, Hispanic, and Latin movement? Where does it stand, and does it have significance today?