The Logic of Effective Classroom-Management and Positive Teaching

1) What is the main purpose of this article?(State as accurately as possible whatyou perceive as the author’s purpose for writing the article.)
2) What is thekey question that the author is addressing?(What do you think the key question wasin the mind of the author when (s)he wrote the article?)
3) What is themost important information in this article?(Figure out and share the facts,experiences, and data the author is using to support his / her conclusions.)
4) What are themain inferences / conclusions made by this article?(Identifythe key conclusions the author comes to and presents in the article.)
5) What is /are the key concept(s) we need to understand from this article?What doesthe author mean by each of these concepts?(Figure out the most important ideasyou would need to understand in order to follow the author’s line ofreasoning.)
6) What is /are the main assumption(s) underlying the author’s thinking?(What do you think the author tookfor granted [that might be questioned] as (s)he wrote this article?)
7a) If we takethis line of reasoning seriously, what are the implications?(What consequences are likely tofollow if readers take this author’s line of reasoning seriously?)
7b) If we fail to take this line of reasoningseriously, what are the implications? (What consequences are likely tofollow if readers disagree with and / or ignore the author’s reasoning?)
8) What is / are the main point(s) of viewpresented in this article? (What is the author examining, andhow is (s)he seeing it? What might his / her bias be?)