The New Jim Crow and Racial Trauma: A Critical Reflection Paper Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice for MSW

This assignment is designed to help you think about the historical roots and contemporary realities that link to racial trauma in the United States. Racial trauma and its impact can best be understood within a historical and cultural context. The purpose of this assignment is to advance your understanding of oppression and social marginalization in order to more effectively engage with diverse populations on micro to macro levels within social work practice arenas that address mental health and well-being. You are to reference all three texts in part 1 and part 2 of paper.You will read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and write a critical reflection paper addressing racism, oppression, and racial trauma as it intersects with the mental health and well-being of diverse population groups. As a critical reflection, it is expected that you demonstrate the following:Evidence of engagement with and understanding of the substance of the bookYour own personal engagement with the contentYour ability to integrate that content professionally with your role as a future MSW-prepared social worker addressing racial trauma and the mental health needs of racially and culturally diverse groupsPlease use the following items to guide your paper. Page length expectation is 8-10 pages.Introduction to your paperCritical Synthesis Part I – Understanding and Conceptualizing (Engaging Diversity and Difference)How did this book push you to more deeply reflect upon your own biases, and enhance your understanding of the history of racism in the United States regarding African Americans? How did your learning challenge previously held assumptions?How has your understanding evolved about oppression and racism in shaping the human experience within the context of Michelle Alexander’s work? Critically reflect upon how your understanding changed after reading The New Jim Crow.As a future MSW practitioner, how do your critical reflections inform and challenge you to think about the complexities of racism, oppression, racialized social control, and racial trauma and how such trauma may manifest in today’s society?Critical Synthesis Part II – Application (Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice)Discuss how you envision your social work role as an agent of social change and as an advocate for human rights and social justice. How would you define these roles in light of what you have read and learned from The New Jim Crow? Describe what types of actions or steps you can take in the future to serve as a change agent and advocate for human rights and social justice on issues of oppression.Consider what you have learned from reading The New Jim Crow and your critical reflections, and propose a racially sensitive and forward thinking integration of a human rights and social justice framework in your approaches to future social work practice.Summarize your learningConcepts within The New Jim CrowSome of the following may be used in your paper:The Birdcage MetaphorCivil and Human RightsColorblind advocacyColorblind criminal justice systemLegalized discriminationPolitical disenfranchisementPublic ConsciousnessRacial biasesRacial Caste SystemRacial StigmaRacialized social control (historical and contemporary)Structural RacismThe “war on drugs” and legitimized, racialized social control