The Presidential election process

** THE TWO LINKS I PROVIDED ARE THE ONLY REQUIRED SOURCES **Go to (Copy and paste into your browser if link won’t work.)Enter User: (WILL SEND IN CHAT)Enter Password: (WILL SEND IN CHAT)Scroll Down to My Clips on the left and click. The two clips should appear.Answer these questions.How do the state delegations shown in the clips display the differing coalition of voters in each party? (Think about delegation age, race, gender….)How do the announcements made by the speakers display the differences in the issue positions of the parties and the various interest groups represented by the parties?
Georgia passed a bill to change some of its election regulations earlier this year. It has been controversial, and support or opposition for the bill largely depended on partisan affiliation. Read this short article on the Georgia election bill: from your perspective:What is your overall opinion on this bill? Does it shore up election integrity or simply make voting harder?Comment on features such as drop boxes, the window to send in a mail-in ballot, Sunday voting, etc….