Please read CH3. WE ARE ALL CELEBRITIES· For each assigned reading, students will post (before class) on a Blackboard discussion, a response that:Summarizes the reading in your own words. This should be brief, no more than a paragraph.In a paragraph, summarize the main idea or thesis statement of the day’s reading assignment. When you have been assigned two chapters, write one response that works toward a synthesis of the two chapters: what connects them together? What are they about? What is at stake in the readings?Point to a quotation that you find particularly noteworthy and explain why.Identify and explicate a brief passage from the reading that captures something important about it and the issues it raises. What struck you about the passage? What insight did it allow you to have about the reading?Formulate a discussion question which places the reading in some ongoing conversation we’ve had in the course.Demonstrate your familiarity with the day’s readings by formulating a good discussion question. The question should have substance; it should be neither simply factual nor a question answerable with a “yes” or a “no” but one based upon careful reading. Questions such as these