Theoretical Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Your submition must fall within the course literature,anything outside the course literature means a fail.You must go deep with your explanation.
You should write an essay which discusses thefollowing two questions:1)What understanding of the relationshipbetween society and nature is predominant in contemporary societies?2)How can that understanding (i.e. thecurrent relationship) be challenged?In responding to both questions it is important tobuild upon the course literature. When responding to the second questions youshould use different environmental sociological concepts and theories which mayserve to illustrate the unsustainability of current society-naturerelationships, and thereby suggest how a more sustainable relationship wouldlook like. You should introduce the concepts, define, and explain them.Motivate how they may serve to challenge the dominant understanding of naturein society and what changes they might suggest.You are free to organize your essay andargumentation as you see fit and to choose the concepts that you find the most relevant.Your text will be assessed based on how you relate to and build upon the courseliterature in your argumentation, your familiarity with and criticalunderstanding of the literature. Don’t forget that it is important to provideclear references to the course literature in your text, with reference to thespecific page. Unless it is a reference to a very general argument, then you mayreference the whole book or chapter.You shouldwrite no more than 3 pages. Be aware that this means that you must workcarefully with your text, your arguments and references. Use 12p font size and1.15 line spacing.
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The home exammust be written individually,and you shall use your own formulations. Quotations,which you should use sparsely, must be marked by quotation marks, and thesource correctly cited. Except for shorter quotations (correctly marked andcited), it is not allowed to copy text from books, articles or any othersources. It is neither allowed to use arguments from other texts withoutcorrect reference to the source of inspiration. Suspected cheating or plagiarism is reported to the university’sdisciplinary committee.