This project will take you through the steps of evidence-based practice (EBP). According to QSEN, EBP is to “integrate best current evidence with clinical expertise and patient/family preferences and values for delivery of optimal health care”

Using the references below and answering the PICOT question: In young adults age 18-25 with Type 2 diabetes, does exercise and diet lower A1C levels compared to similar patients taking medication, metformin, during a 3-month lifestyle change? Include:Possible integration of the evidenced that you found in clinical practiceMethods to evaluate the effectiveness of implementationReferences:Aroda, V. R., Rosenstock, J., Terauchi, Y., Altuntus, Y., Lalic, N. M., Villegas, C.E., Jeppesen, O.K.,Christiansen, E., Hertz, C.L., Haluzik, M. (2019). Pioneer 1: Randomized Clinical Trial of the efficacyand safety of oral Semaglutide Monotherapy in Comparison with Placebo in patients with Type 2Diabetes. Diabetes Journal. 42(9), 1724-1732., R., Madhu, S.V., Makkar, B. M, Ghosh, S., Suboo, B., Karla, S., RSSDI-ESI Consensus Group.(2020). RSSDI-ESI Clinical Practice Recommendations for the Management of Type 2Diabetes Mellitus 2020. Indian journal of endocrinology and metabolism. 24(1), 1-22., R., Chua, Z., Tan, J., Yang, Y., Liao, Z., Zhao, Y. (2019). From Prediabetes to Diabetes: Diagnosis,Treatments and Translational Research. Medicina. 55(9). 546.