To become familiar with the sources of economic information that are important to business decision makers?

Critical Thinking Exercise:Balancing The Federal Budget Purpose
Purpose:To become familiar with the sources of economic informationthat are important to business decision makers?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Assignment Instructions:The Federal government’s historical budget deficit is discussed and debated endlessly. Everyone has an opinion on how to balance the budget.
Download the attached Excel spreadsheet.Download Excel spreadsheet, which contains the actual budget figures from the Summary Table S-4 through S-6 Proposed Budget by Category Fiscal Year 2021 Budget.Rearrange the figures to eliminate the deficit and balance the budget.You can either cut money going out or increase money coming in, but interest payments on the national debt CANNOT be adjusted.Create a Word documentExplain your reasons for EACH category column listed on the left hand side. For the changes you’ve made in receipts and outlay using valid evidence/justifications.Each cateogry column needs to have a minumum of 1 sentence describing why or why not you changed the amount.Cite sources from your textbook or valid sources from the Internet.Attach a new edited version of the Excel doucment.Attach a typed up Word document of the reasons for the changes.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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