To what extent have economic factors influenced this legislation?

SummaryGovernmental and regulatory guidelines play an important role in the promotion and protection of health, as well as the oversight of healthcare delivery. From efforts to assure safety and quality, to public policy that shapes reimbursement and the social determinants of health and state nurse practice acts, governmental influence on healthcare in the United States is significant.Key PointsGovernmental regulations are designed to assure safety and quality in healthcare delivery, and are often a determining factor in healthcare financing.Public policy efforts aim to optimize the health and well-being of people, and to assure access to healthcare resources.Government agencies are responsible for oversight of nursing licensure, and direct efforts to promote evidence-based practice and strengthen the capacity within the nation’s nursing workforce.
Identify existing legislation regarding a health issue or healthcare delivery issue about which you are passionate, and respond to the following:What impact has been realized through the selected legislation?To what extent have economic factors influenced this legislation?What are the implications of this legislation for professional nursing practice?What is the impact of the policy on health outcomes


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