To what extent is our life or identity determined for us?

Please cite and reference examples from the novels. Pleas minimize outside resource citations/and quotes
Developing Comparative AnalysisMaya Angelou and Marjane Satrapi tell us the story of their growing up, drawing on the genre of the bildungsroman (coming-of-age narrative). The bildungsroman is also recognized as the hero’s journey, where the protagonist faces external and/or internal challenges that change them in some way. In both women’s stories, we see how key events in their lives force them to confront aspects of their identity: gender, religion, race, national origin, first language, socio-economic class, etc. Who they become is simultaneously imposed upon them and a choice (or many choices) they make. This leads us to the question:To what extent is our life or identity determined for us?Your task is to write a compelling 3-5 page essay comparing these two narratives. The goal here is not to just compare what is similar or different between Angelou and Satrapi’s life–that’s a bit too obvious. Rather, through comparing key experiences these women face, what do you learn about how much control we as individuals have on who we grow up to be (at least this is one way to thinking about answer the question above).