tollows the standards for papers listed at the INDIA – Essay 2 Options Option 1 (Philosophy) The Four Noble Truths: presented by the Buddha. Option 2 (Literature) The Hindu Gita: describe t Bhagavad Gita text. Option 3 (Art History) The Buddhist Stupa: d

General Standards for Papers
Papers should be in a standard 12-point font (e.g. Times New Roman or Cambria), with 1″ x 1.25 margins,
and double-spaced. Pages must be numbered and labeled according to MLA conventions. The header (top
left-hand side of the first page) should include your name, the date, the course, and the name of your
I will be taking grammar, spelling, and structure into account-good ideas cannot be communicated with poor
form. If the grammar or structure in a paper is severely flawed in such a way that your thesis and arguments
cannot be conveyed, or the word count is below the minimum standard, I reserve the right to fail the paper. I
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Papers should thoroughly address one of the options below in a double spaced 1-1.5 page essay (minimum
250 words in the body text). Papers of insufficient length will receive a penalty up to a possible grade of zero.
Submit your completed paper on ONE of the following options here by attaching a doc. docx, or pdf file that
follows the standards for papers listed at the link below.
INDIA – Essay 2 Options

philosophv) the Four Noble Truths describe the