Topic “Macbeth “

Essay Two – Macbeth Length = 6-8 pagesDo not forget to include your process letter.Task: Choose either Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy or Macbeth’s “Consequences” soliloquy and then (a) fully explicate the language of that soliloquy and (b) discuss the importance of that soliloquy in the context of the entire play (which means you will have to discuss other parts of the play). DO NOT USE “I” OR “YOU” FOR THIS ESSAY. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.Textual Analysis: Make sure that you analyze the text. Do not skip any of the language of the soliloquy. You must, as you explain what the language signifies, also talk about how what the character considers, says, and realizes relates to the rest of the play. Make sure you explain and discuss any and all metaphors, similes, personification and allusions. Refer to your notes from the videos and PDFs to help you incorporate some of the bigger themes and questions of the play.No Outside Sources Allowed. Do not use “I” or “You”Structure: For this essay, begin with a formal introduction that (a) establishes the nature of the play, (b) briefly introduces the nature of the soliloquy, and (c) provides a thesis that specifically asserts the importance of the soliloquy in the play. Your body paragraphs must be both (a) an explication of all the language of the poem and (b) how it fits into the themes and events of the overall play. Your conclusion must be a conclusion that comes from the explication of the poem and your discussion of how it relates to themes and events of the play and then specifically concludes what the importances of the soliloquy are.