Tracing the story backwards find a health related story in the news or media and trace the story back to find peer reviewed journal articles, scientific studies etc.

The nursing process is used to guide nursing practice. The structure provided by the nursing process guides the use of knowledge and thinking. Critical thinking is essential to the nursing process, especially in the increasingly diverse and complex healthcare environment of today where the amount of information and knowledge that we must process is growing exponentially. According to Bartol (2020) in chapter 7 of your textbook, “Critical thinking includes analyzing and evaluating the soundness of the written information and expressed opinions we encounter. We cannot assume that because the information is published it is valid. We need to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the author’s argument and the evidence that is presented. We need to examine the assumptions that the author may have made” (p. 122).The purpose of this week’s discussion board is to encourage you to critically analyze and evaluate information. This assignment aligns with Course Objective 5: Demonstrate cognitive abilities required of the baccalaureate nurse for professional nursing practice and Module Objective 7: Analyze the relationship between the nursing process and critical thinking. This assignment also aligns with the Information Literacy Student Learning Objectives 1-4.Watch the following video to further introduce you to this week’s assignment: to an external site.)PRIMARY POST:Find a health-related story in the news or media. You will then trace that story backwards by searching for peer-reviewed journal articles, scientific studies, etc. Finding a story for this assignment can be as easy as typing the phrase, A recent study, along with a topic that interests you into a search engine. For example, you could search, A recent study obesity. That should give you plenty of feature articles (or news stories, or videos, etc.) to choose from. Then from there, you would use the information in that article to trace back to the peer reviewed journal article(s). After tracing the story backwards, compare the information presented in the news/media story with the information in the original peer reviewed journal articles, scientific studies, etc. The purpose of this activity is to encourage you to compare the information from the original research/study with the mainstream media presentation. Is the news/media story valid? Is the source credible? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence presented? What assumptions were made in the story? What did you learn as you traced the news/media story backwards and compared the information from the story with the original source? How will you apply this knowledge to your professional nursing practice?Your discussion post may be in video, audio, text, visual presentation, or a combination of formats. Feel free to be creative! Be sure to include the proper APA citations for all sources discussed (the news/media story and any articles/studies)


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and how does the interaction of these pros and cons impact the likely outcome
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