trends in nursing future

Reflective Writing AssignmentRequirements and Grading for Reflective Writing AssignmentThe sole aim of this very short exercise is to: organize your thoughts around a relevant topic (from trends in nursing’s future) of your choosing (for a 2-page paper, double-spaced). Speaking from the viewpoint of the practicing nurse and the individual student consumer, an additional gain is to familiarize and empower the student with the fundamentals of writing and the Learning Management System (LMS, aka Blackboard) functionality, especially in pursuit of best practices in an online hybrid environment.The essential element is: Recognizing one trend in the discussion of the future of nursing (Week 1content) (e.g., advanced Public Health Nursing). Discuss:· A future role for yourself· Why this choice appeals to you· How does the RN-to-BSN preparation help you get there?See Blackboard for details on the submission itself including the submission of the idea for the topic in advance for discussion. Use APA format and include at least one APA-formatted reference from the scientific literature (scholarly peer-reviewed journals) or a vetted government or professional source (from within the last five years).