Tweeting for Business

Assignment: Tweeting for BusinessEven when social media postings “backfire,” people maintain enthusiasm for using social media in business. Many conclude, you must be where people are. From that perspective, can a business afford not to have a presence on social media today?You have read about various social media that businesses can use to connect with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. One fast-growing social media platform is Twitter, which allows users to read, write, and share messages, or tweets, of up to 140 characters. Organizations represented on Twitter range from small to large corporations, for-profit to not-for-profit; local “mom and pop” businesses; as well as individual entrepreneurs. For this Assignment, you will research how Twitter operates and best practices for businesses in using this form of social media as a social influence tool.
To prepare:Access the business section of the Twitter website provided in the Learning Resources.Explore the range of information available to businesses using Twitter. Be sure to read at least two of the featured business case studies from your course text.Consider who is promoting themselves on Twitter based on the profiles on the Twitter site and the range of businesses of all sizes and types you are aware of from personal use or other sources.Consider the businesses, professionals (e.g., entrepreneurs, celebrities with a brand), colleagues, and friends that you follow on Twitter.
By Day 7
Submit a 400- to 700-word paper that addresses the following questions. Use the questions as subheadings in your written response. Support your answers with examples from the Twitter website, the text, and other resources. Cite all sources using appropriate APA format and style.Thinking about the broad range of companies and entrepreneurs on Twitter, why do people follow businesses on Twitter? Respond from your own experiences, if applicable, or from those of others you know well and from the resources on the Twitter website.Why do businesses (including entrepreneurs and celebrities with a brand) want people to follow them on Twitter? Respond from your own experiences, if applicable, or from those of others you know well and from the Learning Resources.Chapter 12 presents nine common influence tactics (Kinicki, 2021, p. 481). Based on the information you read in the Twitter business case studies, how can businesses effectively use Twitter to apply these tactics for social influence?Identify the potential disadvantages of using Twitter and what could be done to address the limitations of this social media.
Required ReadingsKinicki, A. (2021). Organizational behavior: A practical, problem-solving approach (3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Chapter 9, “Communicating in the Digital Age” (pp. 336–377)This chapter of your text begins with a section on organizational processes. The content introduces a process model of communication and examines barriers to effective communication, the elements of communication, and ideas to promote effective communication. As the title implies, the chapter also addresses communication through social media, including its impact, approaches, and best practices. The information related to social media is particularly relevant to the Assignment this week.Chapter 12, “Power, InFluence and Politics” (pp. 464–505)This chapter of your text addresses the roles of power and influence in an organization. The topics covered include soft and hard influence tactics; types and bases of power; the concept of empowerment and its relationship to delegating power; and the dimensions of, and impressions created by, organizational politics. Pay particular attention to the content on types and bases of power in preparation for the Discussion this week.Chapter 13, “Leadership Effectiveness” (pp. 506-546)This chapter of your text looks at research theories that offer perspective on types of leadership within organizations, differences in impact and effectiveness of forms of leadership, and how leading differs from managing. The content applies to the Discussion and Assignment this week.
Twitter. (2014). Grow your business with Twitter. Retrieved from section of the Twitter website is devoted to helping companies recognize the business applications of using Twitter as a social media platform for communicating with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. You will need to access and review the information available to complete the Assignment this week. Pay particular attention to the company profiles and recommended best practices featured on the site.6868402 minutes ago-make sure you will use the grading rubric to check your work, and use the uploaded writing template-required resource:Twitter. (2014). Grow your business with Twitter. Retrieved from