Understanding consumer behaviour –

2000 words after reading an article. I will provide the link to a google doc to read the entire article or provide a log in to the site.
Below are the questions. It is important to understand consumer behaviour.
Based on the HBR case details and your understanding of social consumer behaviour, explain the possible motives for participation in social media activities (i.e. social publishing and social commerce footprints) for each buyer’s persona. Briefly discuss implications.Use theoretical insights on motives and attitudes that influence social media activities to support your answers. (Hint: consider affinity impulse, personal utility impulse, contact comfort, immediacy impulse, the altruistic impulse, and the validation impulse.)
Reflecting on the specific archetypes of social media participation identified in the literature, and information in the case study (personas profile description, etc.), which specific segments does each buyer’s persona represent?Use social media segmentation theory to support your discussion. (Hint: consider the following: Social Technographic, Social Consumption Matrix, Typology of Social Utility, PEW Internet Technology Types, and Microblog User Types.)
Identify a likely need or a combination of needs that may have a unique relevance for the identified personas’ motivations to be engaged with Magpie.Incorporate consumer needs and motivation theory to support your answers. (Hint: need for power, need for affiliation, or need for achievements, etc.)
Based on your analysis so far, which persona would be best for Magpie to target initially? Why? Which buyer’s persona should Magpie target next? Why? What are the business implications for your priorities and sequencing?Reflecting on the consumer self-concept theory, what messaging/value proposition should Magpie use to communicate with the priority persona? Why? Which (if any) of marketing vehicles being considered should Magpie use with the priority persona? Explain and justify your answer.