User Test Memo on using Microsoft Excel

Introduction/ RationaleAn excellent way to evaluate the usability of a draft of atechnical document is to conduct a user test in which you give your draft tomembers of your target audience, asking them to use it in the same way thatyour target readers will use the final draft.In the workplace, user test reports are often presented in memoform.
AssignmentPromptYou will conduct a user test of a nearly finished draft ofyour set of technical instructions. Please rely on the Improving theUser Experience website as a reference for this assignment, starting with thedescription of Usability Testing. Then, compose acorresponding 3-4 page user test report memo. The audience for your memo is theclass instructor.
oUserTest. Conducting auser test is a form of primary research. Conduct a test of 2-3 users, ideally one each of novice,intermediate, and expert skill levels. Ifyou can, arrange for a performance test where readers will actually perform theprocess in your set of instructions by designing a method by which users will execute yourinstructions in an observable environment.
oUserTest Memo. Your memo should then take the formof an empirical report. Each section should be organized to move from generalstatements to specific descriptions and details; this maintains a descendingorder of priority throughout. Compose an empirical report using the following sections.○Introduction: Remind readersof topic and target instruction audience○Objectives: Identify theobjectives of your user test.oMethod: Thoroughly, accurately, andpersuasively describe test procedure and instruments, and user selectionprocess. Describe your test readers and why you chose them. Describe the typeof user test you designed as well as your procedure and instrument forgathering information from your readers. Remember that the purpose of themethod section is to persuade your readers that you have carefully andeffectively tested your set of instructions; therefore, the more thorough anddetailed your method section, the more persuasive it will be.○Results / Discussion: This will be the most lengthy anddetailed section of the memo/report. Specifically, and in great detail, reporttest results. Include descriptions of tester difficulties and questions.○Conclusion: Describe test results and theirconsequences and indicate the specific revisions you will make as a result ofwhat you learned.oAppendix.Include raw test data / data collectioninstruments from user tests.
Supporting Texts:●Usability.govMinimum Requirements●User Test – Analyze 3 users andrecord results using data collection artifacts / instruments.●User Test Memo – 2-3 pages, discussestester results.●User Test Memo Appendix – 1 page peruser, raw test data / data collection instrument.
LearningObjectivesYou will be able to conduct effective usability testing, andto record the results in a usable manner. You will also be able to report testfindings in professional memo format.