Using Feedback to Encourage Effort

Using Feedback to Encourage Effort

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For this assignment you are going to implement the requirements of the Critical Thinking Assignments from Modules 3 and 4. Implementation requirements for this assignment include: Provide students with actionable feedback this week on their learning by using the analytic performance rubric developed in Module 3. Have students self-assess their learning using the method developed in Module 4. Your coaching of how students can effectively self-assess their work should be evident. Have students complete an error worksheet developed in Module 4. Provide time in class for students to analyze the feedback and develop learning goals for themselves. These learning goals should support their advancement to the next level of performance. Have students begin to track their progress on the learning goals. Have students track their progress on their learning goals over the next week. Complete a 1–2-page reflection of your actions, including challenges and successes around your learnings from this week. Support your actions with 2-3 research-based practices and/or scholarly work. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references. Combine a scanned example for one student of requirements 1-3 into one document and the reflection to submit for feedback.In Module 6 you will analyze the students’ progress and determine next steps, so make sure you have them track their progress on their learning goals over the next week.Ensure your paper is well written, organized, and conforms to the APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center, including the and reference pages. Differentiation Ideas:Pre-service Teacher: With the option you selected in the Module 2 Critical Thinking Assignment (i.e., work with a partner teacher), complete the requirements for Module 5 Critical Thinking Assignment, as outlined above. Principal: Coach a teacher or a group of teachers on implementing the assessment and feedback developed in the Critical Thinking Assignments from Weeks 3, 4, and 5. Then, collaborate with one teacher for submission of the specific assignments as documentation of your professional coaching. Complete all assignments and your final Portfolio Project based on this collaboration. I can attach all previous work as we’ll