Vera Bradley, Inc. VRA Consumer — Footwear & Accessories

Vera Bradley, Inc. VRA Consumer — Footwear & AccessoriesUsing the company above.Go to Yahoo!® Finance and select the stock ticker symbol and gather information.Go to the company’s corporate website and select the “Investor Relations” or “Financial Statement” link.Search for any scholarly articles about your company that may be available.Conduct other web-based research about your company.Include a properly APA-formatted running head, an abstract, and reference pages are required.1. Begin with an introduction to the organization. Identify its manufacturing segment. Detail briefly the products manufactured by your organization and the company’s market niche and/or customer base.2. Identify significant costs in your organization. Some of the topics to research and present about your organization include but are not limited to: (a) costs associated with environmental concerns, (b) cost behavior, (c) prevention costs, (d) appraisal (detection) costs, (e) internal failure costs, and (f) external failure costs.3. Include a section devoted to cost-volume-profit analysis (CVP). Review Chapters 18 and 19 in your textbook. The level of detail you include in this section is flexible. But, make sure your analysis is related to actual financial data from the company. Suggested metrics include the contribution margin, degree of operating leverage (DOL), break-even point, and others.4. Discuss budgeting considerations. Include the organization’s budget process (for example, whether it is top-down or bottom-up) and the organization’s budget variances, and discuss management decisions related to budgeting.5. Based on independent research and additional textbook readings, create a balanced scorecard (BSC), incorporating all four of the organizational dimensions (financial, customer, internal business, and learning & growth). Identify two or three strategic objectives (SOs), also known as critical success factors (CSFs), for each category/perspective. Then, evaluate and analyze your organization’s performance in relation to these critical success factors. (To help you with this part, review the material found on pages 14-17 and 24-17 to 24-19 of the textbook.) Do not simply cut and paste a BSC collected from an online source. Create your own BSC.6. Discuss corporate sustainability and responsibility.1. a) Identify the concepts of corporate sustainability.2. b) Identify the topics related to corporate responsibility.3. c) Discuss how your organization implements the concepts of corporate sustainability and responsibility.4. d) Discuss how your organization could further benefit from additional attention to sustainability and responsibility.8101534 hours agoBook to use. Kimmel, P. D., Weygandt, J. J., & Kieso, D. E. (2019). Accounting: Tools for business decision making (7th Edition). Wiley Global Education US.