Week 1: Nursing Theory (501) response to a student

Reaspond to the following disccusion post below by either extended, expanded or provided a rebuttal to each. Use APA format. Responds to a student peer and course faculty furthering the dialogue by providing more information and clarification, adding depth to the conversation using the response below:

Personally, I believe the nursing theory is important for the profession and the education provided to become a part of the profession. The nursing theory gives us a framework and guides us to care for our patients. According to Butts and Rich (2018), theoretical thinking is tied with practice and having one without the other would not work on their own because a theory takes practice, and nothing would make sense without some sort of theory behind it (p.86). In addition, that is why nursing theory was created in the first place because we would not have anything to practice if there was no theory involved. Without theory there would be no focus and goals of our profession and how we do our job.

As a future NP, I believe we need to use the nursing theory in practice. But use our nursing judgement and intervene in situations with a holistic approach. In my opinion, we can use both. Use the theories in practice and listen to the patient and see what is best for that specific patient. There is not one solution for everyone, that is why we need to use a holistic approach. We can use the nursing theory to guide us and to help us with our practice. Younas and Quinnell (2019) states theory guided interventions improved patient care, improved patients’ self-care and self-efficiency, helped lower stress in patients with chronic, acute, cardiac, and psychological illnesses, and found the nursing guided interventions were useful. With that, I believe the nursing theory informs all nursing professions with their practice. NPs can use nursing theories to improve practice with also using evidence based and holistic care by understanding what is going on with the patient and finding the best solution for that specific person. We as a profession just need some sort of theory and guide for our practice.

From , Kristen Wright


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