week 2 (3)

The belief that the United States is a “Christian Nation” can be supported by historical fact. The colonists who originally came from Europe were members of various sects of Christianity such as Puritans, Separatists or Pilgrims, and Quakers from England and Catholics from Spain. They did not adopt the native religions of the areas they settled, but rather attempted to convert the natives to their forms of Christianity. Other sects of Christianity arose in the colonies and immigrants came from all over Europe who practiced various forms of Christianity and spread their religions as the country grew. To this day, Christianity is the predominant religion in the United States. 
In many founding documents such as the Virgina Declaration, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution all include parts which grant free expression of religion and a guarantee of the absence of government control over one’s chosen religion. These were written with Christianity in mind, due to the diversity of Christian sects in the colonies, however they apply to all religions. The Enlightenment supported the ideals that there are fundamental rights which every person is entitled to, and the freedom of religion is one of these and can tie into other rights such as property rights. The founders of the United States recognized that if there are restrictions put on religion, those can trickle down to punishments for practicing a religion deemed unfavorable by elected officials. Then laws can be passed to prohibit property ownership, business ownership, and so on, based on religion. The founders practiced various sects of Christianity and recognized the threat not just to each other but to future generations. 
Now the United States is a melting pot of various religions, so many do who are not Christian, such as myself do not like to consider the United States a “Christian Nation.” However, there is no denying the historical fact behind that claim. ( explain in own words about 100 words)