What about Buddhism do you find least compelling, and why?

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Having listened to the podcast and read the chapter, answer the following in a detailed way in your own opinion do not explain Buddhism explain what you learned from the audio by answering these questions below don’t write in essay format separate each question:
What about Buddhism do you find most compelling, and why?
What about Buddhism do you find least compelling, and why?
How has your understanding of Buddhism changed as a result of this week’s material?
Answer all substantively, giving specific examples.


What is the most influential accomplishment in nursing theory from the 1950’s and 1960’s?

What are the legal issues
enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and
presented in this case?

Explain the purpose of your program, specifying the need for services.

Do you believe these laws to be attempts to legislate ethics?

Explain benefits and drawbacks of performance management systems.

Write a term-paper on a condition, situation, scenario specific to a stage in the life-span (ex. Crises, aging, “failure to launch”, marriage/divorce, empty nest, sandwich generation, etc.).

Discuss how the Healthy People 2030 objective intends to address/improve the problem or population.

What role does media (e.g., social media, magazines) plays in adolescent body satisfaction?

Is the significance/importance of the study explicit?

Discuss increases and decreases in supply and