What about high saturated fat levels; low fiber; low levels of vit.

Part 2: Use the “Reports” to analyze your dietary intake.
 For this assignment you will use a combination of food AND nutrient analysis reports: From MyDietAnalysis you will need to access the following reports which can be accessed  by selecting the Reports tab on the top of the page. 
For the purpose of this assignment you will need to access the following types of reports:
“Actual Intake VS Recommended Intake”
“Meal Assessment Report”
“Calorie Distribution”
“The Plate” 
“All Nutrients Spreadsheet”,
“Single Nutrient Report
All of these reports can be found in the “All Daily Reports”.
 Write a comprehensive assessment of your nutrient intake in narrative (story) form: no bullets please! Please do not copy and paste any sections of the report into your paper. This section should take up at least 1, single spaced page. In your report address the following topics:
(15) Actual VS Recommended for MACRONUTRIENTS (carbohydrates, fiber, fat, protein) and calories: Compare your intake levels to the “Recommended Intake ” (DRIs) using the percent values (%), NOT your intake in grams. The % of Actual to Recommended Intake is much more valuable than the grams.