What Ancient Greek cultural values are prescribed and reinforced by Homer’s epics?

Students will be responsible for a substantial, 1500 word term paper, in which they will be required to answer the following question:What Ancient Greek cultural values are prescribed and reinforced by Homer’s epics?Students are encouraged to choose one ancient value (positive or negative) and explore how that value is presented and enforced in the epics, as well as drawing comparisons and contrasts with other myths in and out of the Ancient Greek tradition.Possible topics include (but are not limited to):The role of women in Greek cultureGreek martial valuesGreek sexual valuesGreek identityReligious observanceStudents will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the course material as it applies to the subject, as well as analyze the works in the light of their time and place in history. To accomplish this, students should use at least 2 outside scholarly sources illustrating the historical situation of these works and the decisions made by their authors.As a formal written assignment, this paper must abide by the formal rules and standards laid out by the Modern Language Association, which is the formal guide for study in classics and the humanities in the academic world at large. For guidance, I recommend Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference or https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Links to an external site.).
Write ONE topic on what homer has to say about greek mythology.For example: If you choose homers view on Homosexuality stick to that topic.Only use 2 SOURCES


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