What are the main themes that connect both readings?

The student analyzes the overall articles through at least one question. The question you create does not need to be complicated, it is meant to structure your essay. The question serves as a window to look at the readings together.
Examples: What are the main questions the authors pursue? What are the main themes that connect both readings? Why are these articles important? How is class talked about in both articles? (2 pts)

The student integrates content from the course and is analytical- As we are beginning the semester there might only be a few of these, but demonstrate that you are learning some concepts and ideas and that you are beginning to learn how to use them.
The notes clearly articulate language, theories and ideas explored in class (e.g. the social construction of gender and race, intersectionality, oppression and privilege etc.) (3 pts)

Solid use of concrete quotes or examples- The students brings in quotes, or paraphrases a part of the articles in order to articulate a precise idea. (e.g. avoid. On page p. 70 the book changes (this does not tell us what happens on page 70, please use a concrete quote or paraphrase). (1 pt.)

Final Question- The student writes at least a question that is focused on the reading and that they would like to explore further with class. This question is different than the first one. It is meant to be a question that will be discussed in subgroups. (1 pt

Writing -Notes demonstrates high level of writing proficiency in terms of grammar, organization and style. Importantly, the student runs spell check. (1 pt.)

Participation The student participates at least once in the conversation and brings a constructive element to the conversation, such as a question, an observation or follows-up on a classmate’s comment. The comment is related to the book. The student also follows –up the conversation and listens to other classmates (Speak at least once and bear witness to the conversation). (2 pt).

Also if your participation shows a deeper engagement with the book than your review I will take that into consideration for other grading rubrics.

for the participation please include at the end of paper