What are the moral values, motivations, and societal needs, etc. that drive the work of the foundation?

Guidelines for written short report: (2000-2500 words)you will write an in-depth report, or “mini” case study, on a philanthropic organization of your choosing/creating thus getting hands-on experience on how philanthropy thrives and is implemented.In this report you can information and sections on the following topics: · Organizational Level: Is it an operational or grant-giving organization; What is its legal status (e.g. Foundation/NGO/impact investor/etc.,); How are the finances used (i.e. are they generating any profit or are all the funds invested in running the organization and in the projects); How many employees/volunteers/collaborators. This information will specify how an organization is structured and allows it to broadly position it on the spectrum of social organizations.· Motives : What are the moral values, motivations, and societal needs, etc. that drive the work of the foundation?This information provides information on why an organization addresses specific issues?· Methods/goals: Area of work: which topics/area does this organization cover – which of the SDGs is this work related to (if?) ?; what is its “theory of change”?; With this information you illustrate how the organization operates and for what expected impact.· Main challenges the organization faces. This information illustrates the problems faced by an organization and the next steps in its activity and allows to student to provide for an analytical and original contribution.· Integrating Insights from other regions: What insights (if?) from other geographies can you propose to solve some of the challenges identified?
When creating the organization you should bear in mind:– The task/main aim the organization is created for and the social problem it is trying to solve (poverty, women rights, animals rights, ctr.) and how is planning to do so, achieve the goal?– Is it a regional organization or a global one?– What environment is the organization working in? What is the political situation (stability of chosen country)? cultural differences should be taken into account as well – You can add some details like logo of NGO, funding opportunities, ctr – Please imagine you are trying to create a new organization, what should you take into account when doing so?– Summarize the structure of the philanthropic organization.– Describe the key motive/missions driving the works of this organization. – Discuss how (if?) such organization employs modern technologies to achieve its goals. – Conclude identifying the main challenges faced by the organization.● Do some individual research about it!GOAL:Students should do some research regarding the non – gov organization, the region/state in which it is going to be set up, and do some research whether similar organizations are working already (and why the new one might be helpful) – team work