What are the psychological needs of humans?

Write a paper about yourself and one of your goals.What are the psychological needs of humans? What happens to people and their motivation when physical and psychological needs are not met?For this assessment, you will explore the relationship between physiological drives and psychological needs in human motivation and performance. Most theorists agree that a combination of physiological (biological) and psychological factors are involved in our needs. You will examine these concepts and related theories, as well as important psychological needs that affect achievement motivation and human behavior and performance, such as needs for autonomy and competence, the need to affiliate and belong, the need for closure and cognition, and the need for meaning and power.Having an explicit awareness of these needs means you will be better able to recognize when these needs are not being met for yourself or others. Knowing the types and range of these needs means you can more intentionally address needs that are going unmet.OverviewWhat excites you? Identify something that you would like to achieve. Examples include working in a specific career, learning a new skill, or achieving a health-related goal. Describe your motivation toward this goal or achievement. What is the current optimal level of challenge for you? For example, if you have the goal of becoming a licensed therapist, your current level of challenge may be learning counseling theories and types of counseling. It would not be to secure a license within the next year. If you are interested in becoming proficient at yoga and have never done yoga, you would not begin with advanced yoga. You would find a beginning-level yoga class or perhaps begin with reading about the different types of yoga and then looking for yoga instruction in your area. You would set small and realistic goals for yourself before moving to higher levels of skill.