What are the two major disadvantages of an SBU-type organizational structure? What are the two major advantages?

GEB4891 Lesson Lesson 12 –DiscussionWhat are the two major disadvantages of an SBU-typeorganizational structure? What are the two major advantages? At what point in afirm’s growth do you feel the advantages offset the disadvantages? Explain.DiscussionRequirements:1. Your initial post should be at least 250words, based on your own unique composition–using your own words alongwith explicit examples; do not copy/paste someone else’s work.2. Read and respond in no fewer than 150 words toat least 2 of your peers’ posts.3. Include unique/distinct examples in yourdiscussion (if appropriate, usecharts, diagrams, tables, etc. to support discussionspoints made).4. Include sources of information (allassignments are geared to be researched regardless of personal experience on thesubject matter); adhere to APA standards. Properly cite and referenceyour source of information.
Man4401 Lesson 11 – Discussion1. Compare and contrast arbitration and judicialproceedings.2. Explain the evidence in arbitration vs. injudicial proceedings.3. Discuss how arbitration works in the railwayand airline industries today.Use examples and cite your work.Requirements:1. Begin contributing to the discussions no laterthan midnight of the first Saturday after a lesson opens.2. Your original post should be a minimum of 250words and based on your own unique composition.3. Read, evaluate, and compose a substantialin-depth response (minimum 150 words) to at least one or more of your peer’sresponses in the discussion area. See discussion rubric for gradingdetails.4. Include examples in your discussion.5. Adhere to APA standards and use APA guidelinesto cite references.
MAR4802 Lesson 14– DiscussionWhat is the meaning of Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC)? Why is there a need for IMC by marketers and how do marketers go aboutimplementing it? Give an example and description of at least three IMC tools.Requirements:1. Begin contributing tothe discussions lesson opens.2. Your initial postshould be at least 200 words.1 reference