What are three major lessons you can takeaway from this course and apply in your work role as a paralegal?

During the course quite a few marketing concepts/ideas have been explored. Write a reflection discussion post that answers the following question: What are three major lessons you can takeaway from this course and apply in your work role as a paralegal?
This is a post in a discussion forum so it does not need a cover page or anything. I’ve attached some previous powerpoints that go over different areas we learned along the way as well as a couple case studies we did. Also, below is an example of what another student posted:
1. I have learned that going against the norm can prove beneficial. Red Bull has done with its non-traditional advertising and sponsorship usage. When companies use the same strategies as other companies, current or potential consumers are not drawn to the company or its products. People want new and innovative, something different that isn’t seen amongst competitors. In weekly meetings, I have begun working on obtaining new promotional items for the company giveaways Pens, notepads, and chip clips are a thing of the past. People stop by promotional tables for the essential information, promos and free items. Advertising free items that aren’t seen my competitors or doing drawings for bigger free items in a non-traditional way in my field that can attract more people to come and obtain the information of the business as well as get some free stuff.2. I think it’s important for companies to use segmentation for target markets; in doing so, more analysis needs to be done to cover all areas of purchasing, including maintaining products. I feel like BMW did a great job advertising to target markets on the affordability of purchasing; BMW failed to mention the cost of maintaining the vehicle. My company advertises the ease of completing specific tasks online, but large amount of our consumers are veterans aged 80 and above that are not tech-savvy. I’m communicating with them, I have begun double checking the best way they want information sent to them with the internet, phone, or mail being options. Doing this ensures that the necessary information is given at their preference instead of assuming they were tech-savvy. BMW assumed its consumer could afford maintenance without adequately disclosing the cost of maintaining their products.3. The elements of the marketing mix are essential in the success of a business. Even though companies take different routes to get their products in the hands of consumers, distribution channels, communications, policy, and pricing are all the basics used in the journey of success.
In completing cases studies throughout the course, I learned additional facts about the brand and understood what goes on behind the scenes that help make each company what/who they are. Therefore, the case studies have been beneficial throughout the course.