What are United States’ main concerns about China?

The U.S. and China have been in a tense relationship for several years. Each country has imposed trade restrictions and tariffs on imports from the other country. Additionally, they have indicated that they are strategic competitors on the world stage.A. What are United States’ main concerns about China?B. What are China’s main criticism about U.S.’ actions?C. What do you think will ultimately happen to relations between these two countries?1. Provide supporting logic, including external research, to support your answers.2. Assignment is to be submitted in Word format, uploaded via Turnitin in Canvas.3. Limit to 2 pages, 12 Font, double spaced. Anything over 2 1/2 pages will not be accepted.4. Include a bibliography of any external sources used.5. Grading is based on Writing quality, logical thought process, and depth of research.