What are your thoughts as you review the titles and what does it make you think about regarding the field of psychology?

Review the titles of each section of questions, such as “Biopsychology”. What are your thoughts as you review the titles and what does it make you think about regarding the field of psychology? For example, did one area seem more interesting to you? Did one area surprise you that it was a part of psychology? Did you say yes to things more often in one area than another? Be sure to explain your answers.
X_____1. Have you ever pulled your hand away from something hot or sharpand only then realized that you burned or cut your hand?
X_____2. Have you ever known someone who had a stroke?
X_____3. Have you ever laughed when you were happy or cried when you weresad?
_____4. Have you ever had a concussion?
X_____ 5. Have you ever woken up from a nap even more tired than you werebefore you fell asleep?
X_____ 6. Have you ever deprived yourself of sleep in order to dosomething you felt was more important?
X_____7. Have you ever tried to listen to two different conversations atthe same time (e.g., a friend was talking to you but you were trying tooverhear a conversation between another group of friends?)
Behavioral psychology
X_____8. To try to get you to stop a certain behavior, have you ever beenpunished by a parent, caregiver, teacher, or other person in authority?
X_____9. Have you ever received a reward for doing something well, such asa sticker at school, a treat at home, encouragement from a friend, etc.
X_____10. Have you ever gotten sick from eating a type of food, such aschicken from a restaurant, and refused to eat that food again or refused toeat at that restaurant again?
X_____11. Have you ever learned how to do something or what not to do bywatching other people?
X____ 12. Have you ever heard a familiar song and suddenly felt a strongemotion such as love, happiness, sadness, etc?
Cognitive psychology
X_____13. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you felt like youcouldn’t think straight?
X_____14. Have you ever tried really hard to solve a problem and once yousaw the answer you realized how simple and obvious it was?
X_____15. Have you ever tried really hard to remember something butcouldn’t remember it?
X_____16. Have you ever had a disagreement with someone over the waysomething happened because you both remembered it very differently?
X_____17. Have you ever wondered how to study effectively so that youcould perform well on a test?
Clinical and counseling psychology
X_____18. Have you ever known anyone who experienced abuse as a child orteenager?
X_____19. Have you ever known anyone who was diagnosed with depression?
X_____20. Have you ever known anyone who had a drug or alcohol abuseproblem?
X____ 21. Have you ever known anyone who has taken a prescription drug toalleviate a psychological issue such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc?
X_____22. Have you ever heard of someone being a part of a group ofpeople, like a support group or therapy group, who were trying to improvesome aspect of their lives?
X_____23. Have you ever known anyone who talked with a therapist orpsychologist?
X_____ 24. Have you ever been told that you’re a really good listener?
Developmental psychology
X_____25. Have you ever watched a child learn how to sit up, walk, or run?
_____26. Thinking back to your childhood, did you ever have an imaginaryfriend?
X_____27. Have you ever seen a child or a teenager change their behaviorbecause of peer pressure?
X_____28. As a teenager (approximately age 13-18), did you ever dosomething that in the moment you knew you shouldn’t be doing…but you did itanyway?
X_____ 29. Have you ever heard of or seen someone experience a “mid-lifecrisis”?
X_____30. Have you ever thought to yourself that you would parent verydifferently than you were parented?
X____ 31. Have you ever known someone who is 70 years old or older andseemed to be very happy and enjoy their life?
Personality psychology
X_____32. Have you ever watched someone’s behavior and thought “what madethem do that?”
X_____33. Have you ever thought about something you said or did andwondered “Why did I say or do that? That’s not who I really am?”
X_____34. Have you ever wondered what people need in order to change orgrow to become a better version of themselves?
X_____ 35. Have you ever thought that you have changed a lot as a personover the course of your lifespan?
Social psychology
X_____36. Have you ever seen someone act differently in a group of peoplethan when they are alone or with one other person?
X_____37. Have you ever thought something like “That’s an angry jerk”after seeing someone you didn’t know yell at another person?
X_____38. Have you ever done something an authority figure told you to dothat you didn’t want to do or have you ever seen someone else comply withsomeone in authority even if the person didn’t want to?
X_____ 39. Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to certainpeople and not others?
X_____40. Have you ever helped a stranger?