What arguments could be made to support the use of racial profiling by the police?

The student will answer one of three questions. As with all writing assignments, there needs to be a reference page, which won’t count towards the total number of required pages.The selected question must be answered fully and supported by at least 8 resources, of which 5 must be scholarly resources. Understand that scholarly sources come from peer-reviewed articles. This paper must be written in the current APA format.A suggestion would be to outline your paper first, developing the framework for what you are going to answer and where it will be located in your report. Also understand that as with any writing there must be a strong introduction that includes a thesis statement as to what you will be presenting in the paper, and a strong conclusion that highlights the important parts of what was presented. Paragraphs must contain at least 4-5 sentences.Select one of the following questions to answer:
Define police discretion. Do you think police discretion is a necessary element of police work? Why or why not? What problems can you envision to giving police officers discretion in the performance of their duties?Explain the concept of racial profiling. What arguments could be made to support the use of racial profiling by the police? Do you agree with these arguments? Why or why not? Are there situations in which the use of racial or characteristics may be appropriate when targeting a suspected offender? Explain your response.Explain the concept of qualified immunity. Why do you think the Supreme Court supports this type of immunity? What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving police officers qualified immunity from civil lawsuits? Should police agencies also be given some form of immunity? Explain your response.