What attitude does the play establish towards women?

Intro: Hook that catches the readers attention and can be a question, then Information leading up to the thesis, and then end off with three points that the next three paragraphs are going to be out.Thesis: pick any of the the essay topics needs to be argumentitive and the layout of it should be “In the story Hamlet by William shakespere illustrates this … through the characters or whatever the three points are for the next 3 paragraphs.Topics: three different topic sentences but all to prove the thesis.Body paragraphy x3: topic sentence – 3 points, proofs (quotes) and analysis to support the topic sentence, then concluding sentence to support the thesis and how the topic sentence connects to the thesis. Also a natural transition to the next point.Conclusion: answer the hook or refer back to it, restate the thesis in a diiferent way that pulls all the points together, then end it off connecting the topic to todays society of how its changed or even how its the same – up to u.Formal essay, no personal pronouns, present tense.citations are only of the story hamlet in text citatiion is (Act,Scene,line)The only other option for another citation is in the hook if you get a fact online you can cite that but thats all.You can do your own reserch of the story but make sure its in your own words dont cite any of that unless its a quote from the actual play.A link to the play Start at Act 1: https://shakespeare.folger.edu/downloads/pdf/hamlet_PDF_FolgerShakespeare.pdfThe essay needs to be in MLA format.