What Behavioral Competency do you see being used by the HR professional in the scenario?

Competency Connection: Possible Harassment
An HR manager comes to the chief human resources officer (CHRO) of a technology firm with a problem. Over the past year, several very talented women have resigned. They have all worked in the same area. None mentioned specific reasons for leaving, saying that, while a great company, this just was not the right job or place for them. The HR manager has tactfully talked to select colleagues working in this area, assuring every reasonable effort to maintain confidentiality. The manager has concluded that the problem is the vice president of the division and that sexual harassment may have occurred. No one has been willing to go on record accusing this individual directly, but several people have independently made indirect reference to harassment. Based on what the HR manager found, they decided to escalate the issue to the CHRO.
After being debriefed by the HR manager, the CHRO repeats this discreet, highly confidential investigation with different and more highly placed colleagues and comes to the same conclusion as the HR manager. The CHRO arranges a meeting to discuss these suspicions with the CEO. The CEO’s immediate response is to dismiss the suspicions. She knows this individual, they are friends, and he has never done and would never do this sort of thing. She adds that it must mean something that no one is willing to file a formal complaint. And, besides, this vice president is far too important to the firm’s current strategy to risk losing him.
The CHRO argues that the value this individual brings to the firm is far outweighed by the potential losses he represents, including loss of additional talented women, damage to the reputation of the organization, and possible legal judgments. Leadership may find it difficult to argue that they were unaware of this issue. Given the number of resignations in the past year, the probability of further resignations or actions is high. The CEO agrees to review the information further and meet with legal counsel together with the CHRO prior to deciding her next step.
Please Respond to the Questions Below:
What Behavioral Competency do you see being used by the HR professional in the scenario?
What action shows this?
Did the CHRO make the right decision?