What challenges would you expect from baby boomers in general?

Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are reaching retirement age. Yet, many still want to remain in the workforce, keep their skills fresh, and contribute to their respectives organizations.
For this PA, imagine that you work for a small organization and the decision has been made to implement a high-tech approach to expanding its outreach. This will require your leadership in directing your team to embrace the new tools that the organization has invested in. Your team leaders are high performers between the ages of 70 to 74, and this group in particular has historically demonstrated a resistance to new technology in the workplace. They have expressed that the new tools are disruptive and difficult to implement.
Develop your 3-4-page, APA-formatted response to this scenario within your professional assignment and answer:
What challenges would you expect from baby boomers in general? What practices and successful techniques would you implement to manage baby boomers for this project?What communication methods for overcoming multigenerational challenges would you use in order to achieve your business goals?How would you communicate feedback in a way that is valuable to this generation? You may want to review this article for more ideas.
You should reference a minimum of 5 credible sources to support your responses. Be sure to properly identify, cite, and reference any source you refer to in this professional assignment.