What characteristics stand out about the social entrepreneur.

Questions to Pay Attention to:1. The name of the social entrepreneur2. Background of the social entrepreneur
3. What characteristics stand out about the social entrepreneur4. How would you describe the social entrepreneur?5. The name of the organization created or founded6. How the organization works.7. When was the organization created?8. What it the purpose of the organization?9. How long has it been around or was it around if it is no longer operational?10. How was the organization created? Where is it located?11. Why was the organization created?12. Who is the customer base of the social entrepreneur (i.e. intended target)?13. Do you think the organization is/was of value to its intended customer base?14. How will or has it reach(ed) its target audience?15. Is it intended for a mass audience or a very narrow audience?16. How many people has it reached so far?17. Is it fully functional or is it still being developed?18. Is the organization and its mission easy to understand?19. What is the product or service offered by the organization?20. What problem does the organization and its product or service serve for society?21. Is the organization and/or its product/service useful?22. Does the organization have value? Why or Why not?23. Can the organization make money?24. How can it make money?25. If it cannot currently make money, what could allow it to?26. Would you use it? Why or Why not?27. If you would not use it, what would it take to make you use it?28. Do you see any gaps in the organization or product or service that it offers?29. What, if anything, could be done better?30. What is good about the social entrepreneur?31. What is good about the organization created by the social entrepreneur?32. What, if anything, is not good about the organization?33. What would you keep about the organization?34. What would you change about the organization?35. Is the work of the social entrepreneur inspiring? Yes or No?36. Why or why not to answer #35.37. Is the work of the organization need or not? Yes or No?38. Why or why not to answer #37?39. If you could send a message or say something to the social entrepreneur, what would you say?40. Include anything else in your write up that you think is important or that you want to add.766356an hour agocan you have this done by midnight tonight?