What city or cities fall above or below the median and/or the mean?

Please see attachmentsYou will write up an Executive Summary on what city youchose to open a second location in and justify the results.Must have cover page.Must state which predictors are significant at predictingCost of Living and how do you know.b. Show the comparison to alpha to state your results andconclusion.c. Do these significant predictors make sense, if you wantto relocate?4) Discuss descriptive statistics for the significantpredictors – up to 25%a. From the significant predictors, review the mean, median,min, max, Q1 and Q3values.b. What city or cities fall above or below the median and/orthe mean?c. What city or cities are in the upper 3rd quartile? Or thebottom quartile?d. How do these predictors compare to the baseline of NYC?What cost more orless money than NYC?5) Recommend at least 2 cities to open a second location in– up to 30%a. You must justify your answer for full credit.b. You need to use the Significant Predictors ANDDescriptive Statistics in yourjustification.c. Justification without the use of Significant PredictorsWILL NOT get full credit.d. Justification without the use of Descriptive StatisticsWILL NOT get full credit.You need to use both.e. For example, let’s look back at London. London at 88.33,is 11.67% lessexpensive than NYC. But that doesn’t mean London is a goodplace to open asecond location once you discuss the significant predictorsand how it relatesback to each city.f. Use what you have learned in the course and analyze allthe data not just whatyou see on the surface.g. You must use the numbers and the output to justify youranswers. Do not useany outside resources to justify your answer. Only useSignificant PredictorsAND Descriptive Statistics.