What decisions will you need to make when creating workbooks and charts in the future ? Creating a worksheet and a Chart

Assignment 1 requires that you complete the Excel book Chapter/Module 1 project and submit the resulting Excel workbook. More specifically,
1) You should read all the explanations and follow all the steps in the Excel book from page EX 1 till page EX 49; after you finish, your Excel workbook should have a worksheet and a chart sheet looking exactly like Figure 1-1 (a) and Figure 1-1 (b) shown on page EX 2.
2) When the book asks you to save the file with a name of Linda Fox Budget (step 3 on page EX 19), you should save it with a file name of YourLastName_Assignment 1, instead. E.g., my completed project should have a file name of Ha_Assignment 1, and you use your name accordingly.
3) You do not need to do the step that asks you to print (step 4 on page EX 43); other than this one step, make sure you complete the rest of the steps till the very end of the chapter where the title says “Summary”.
4) After you finish, submit your project through the above Assignment 1 link. You have only one chance to submit the assignment, so please make sure you attach the correct file. Please also make sure you save and close your finished Excel file before you attach it; otherwise, the instructor may not be able to open your file.
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